Who We Are

  • Experience God: We are honoring and seeking God with our talents, time, and resources in corporate and personal expressions of prayer and worship.
  • Develop Devotion: We are forming relationships, spiritual maturity, and spiritual gift development through small groups and corporate gatherings.
  • Serve Others: We are sharing God's hope and love with others by releasing people to serve in team based ministry opportunities and events.


Sunday Worship: 10:30AM

Wednesday Family Night: 6:30PM

New Comer Lunch

Our newcomer's lunch is a "first step" for people who are new to West Ridge. These lunches provide our guests with the opportunity to meet some of our Pastoral Staff, Leadership Team and their spouses. These are designed to help people build some initial friendships within the church, but also find out more about our history, beliefs, heart for our city and the world, and the important part each person can participate in to see Jesus' plan for our church and city fulfilled.

Connection Course

Our connection course is a one-day course for people who are newer to West Ridge to explore church membership. It enables and encourages guests to step forward in accountability, commitment, and participation in our mission and purposes as a community of faith. In the course guests are able to ask questions and discuss our core doctrines of faith in an environment that is relaxed and casual so each person can have a better understanding of who are we, why we believe the things we do, and what we are doing about it. Church membership is an important step on our faith journey, which is why it is compared in Scripture to the marriage covenant (Ephesians 5:1-33).

Pastor Paul Smith

My wife Amy and I grew up in Central Illinois. I grew up south of Chicago in a small town Pontiac. Amy grew up in an even smaller town Groveland. We are both die hard Chicago Bear fans. We met in college while attending InterVarsity and have been married for 20 amazing years. We have four fantastic children: Kelsey, Caleb, Chloe, and Keegan. We moved to Eau Claire in 1999 to come on staff at Evangel as Youth Pastors. Then in 2010 we stepped into the Lead Pastor role.

Youth Pastor Hans Nelson

I was born in Janesville, WI. Shortly after that moved to Jamestown, ND where I lived until I was 5. Then we moved to Eau Claire, WI where I have lived ever since (except when I was at North Central University). I graduated from NCU in May of 2007 and returned to Eau Claire in July. I worked several jobs, while trying to find out where God desired me to go. I started on staff here on January 5, 2010.

Children & Family Pastor RaDonna Parr

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Chetek, a small tourist town about 45 miles north of Eau Claire. One of my favorite parts of my childhood was spending a lot of time with my grandparents. It was my grandma who led me in a prayer to ask Jesus into my heart when I was about 5 or 6 years old. When I was in high school, I went to a youth conference and felt the Lord calling me into ministry. So after graduating from high school, I attended North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. It was there that I discovered my passion for Children’s Ministry.

Office Coordinator Kari Lammers

I was born in Rolette, ND. I know nothing of the place because, as a PK, we moved just about every year throughout the course of my childhood. I’ve lived in ND; SD, IA; GA; and WI. I currently reside in Eau Claire, WI all because I knew it would be a humongous culture shock to move my hubby to the Twin Cities. Duane and I fell in love with the Eau Claire community and decided it was a good place to raise two amazing and wonderful children: Matthew and Abbey.

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  • Hans Nelson, Youth Pastor
  • RaDonna Parr, Children's Pastor
  • Kari Lammers, Office Coordinator
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Corporate Prayer

This is our foremost priority among our purposes at West Ridge Church. It is the most important service in our week. This is out of necessity. Every other purpose, value, and even our mission need to be under-girded by the corporate prayer life of this community of faith.

Our corporate prayer service meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. where people are gathered in faith to seek God's direction, empowerment, will, and favor for our church, families, and the Chippewa Valley.

In the book of Acts, corporate prayer is in close proximity to some of the greatest challenges, changes, and kingdom impact the Church of Jesus Christ has ever experienced. Choosing Judas' successor, empowerment for ministry, and persecution were all faced and overcome through corporate prayer. As a matter of fact, there has never been a national or international spiritual awakening that did not have corporate prayer at its center.

Long before there were mega-churches, Charles Spurgeon was asked how his church was growing and making such an impact on the world around them. In answer to their questions Spurgeon would take the inquirers downstairs at the church where people were gathered in corporate prayer seeking God in faith. Spurgeon would say, "Here is the powerhouse of the church."

Would you join us this Wednesday for the most important service of the week and be part of the powerhouse of West Ridge? Jesus said, "My house shall be called a house for prayer." Help us make this church a house of prayer Jesus delights in.

Epic is for students from grades 6 through 12. We meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in the Church youth room. The purpose is to help students experience God through our Wednesday evening meetings and retreats. We develop our devotion to Christ through student specific life groups where we dive deeper into what we believe and how to live like Christ. We serve others through ministries in the Church, and are a light in our schools and community. We plan events to help the students build stronger relationships with their friends so they can make an impact in their lives. We want to see students lives impacted now, that spread to others, and last for eternity.

Ridge Kids is the Children’s Ministry at West Ridge Church. From birth through 5th grade, our leaders and teachers strive to teach the Word of God and how it applies to each child’s life in a relevant way.

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    Rooted In Covenant

Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is a 10-12 week small group program with something to offer everyone as we explore the meaning of life. Each of these courses begins with a free banquet where new Christians, seekers, and skeptics can wonder and discuss about faith, spirituality, and God's plan for our lives. This course takes place in people's homes where weekly topics are discussed in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. All people and questions are welcome!

Life Groups

What is a Life Group? Life Groups create a necessary place for you to grow spiritually by connecting people in relationships that are centered on Jesus Christ. In these groups we, as a community of faith, are able to accomplish one of our three primary purposes at West Ridge, Develop Devotion in our faith and relationship with God, through study, prayer and relationships.

By meeting in homes across the area, Life Groups provide a relaxed environment to explore faith and share life together with others as we form relationships, spiritual maturity, and spiritual gift development. Each of our Life Group discussions is sermon series based. The groups meet for a target duration of an hour and a half during terms (January - March), (April - June), (September - November).

We hope you will connect with one of these exciting Life Groups that will help you grow in your faith and relationship with God!

For more information about Life Groups call 715-834-1930 or email kari@westridgechurch.us

E4 Course

E4 Courses are 4-6 week courses or Friday-Saturday conferences that explore in greater detail specific areas of doctrine and/or ministry in the life of the Church as described in the New Testament of the Bible. In Ephesians 4:13 the process of spiritual growth is described as ongoing and life long through various teaching ministries and the other offices of the Church. Through these types of experiences we are joined together in the unity of the faith and develop spiritual maturity as God makes us more like Jesus Christ through his word and the work of his Holy Spirit.

Women's Ministry

West Ridge Women Ministry provides women of all ages a great opportunity to connect with new friends, be encouraged through fellowship, all while growing deeper in the Word! Currently we meet as a group 8 times a year on the First Friday of the month. We also host a prayer group Thursday Mornings at 10AM in the Eurasia Cafe.

As a group, West Ridge Women's Ministry, attends the annual Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District Women's Ministry Conference held in Appleton, WI. For details click here

Adult Ministries and Serving

Corporate Prayer, Life Group, Women's Ministry, Usher Team, Alter Team, Mercy and Encouragement, Greeting Team, Audio-Video Team, Eurasia Cafe, Worship Team, Fine Arts, Missions, Ambiance, Office Work, Landscaping, Repair/Maintenance, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Photography

If any of these opportunities are something that you would like to serve in, please contact us or click the experience tab to learn more about the ministry.

Youth Ministries

EPIC Youth Group, EPIC Life Group, Youth Sponsor

If any of these opportunities are something that you would like to serve in, please contact us or click the experience tab to learn more about the ministry.

Children's Ministries

Ridge Kids (Includes Rock Climbers and Summit Kids), Hilltop Nursery, MPact Girls Ministry, Royal Rangers, Junior Bible Quiz

If any of these opportunities are something that you would like to serve in, please contact us or click the experience tab to learn more about the ministry.